Trail User’s Experience


The Trustees
Ramblin’ View Farm Trust
PO Box 7354
Gilford NH 03247


Dear Trustees,

Thank you for providing outdoor recreational trails for our local communities. I don’t know if you are aware, but the “RVF” trail experience goes way beyond the exercise/nature opportunity. The trail experience has become more of an “old home day” experience for many trail goers, providing an outlet for both socializing and neighborly support. It has become sort of a “community-glue” that bonds healthy lifestyle people with a shared pride of ownership at the “fahm”. A week does not pass where I miss observing trail go-ers’ discussions about their trail experience.

I am sincerely grateful for the mixed-use opportunity at Ramblin’. Thanks for the groomed double track, the cycling single track, and the restful tables that cause us to take in the beauty with our eyes.

Please utilize this $1000 donation for single track mountain bike trail grooming, maintenance, and construction.

Sincerely, Michael and Lynn Baron