Ramblin’ Vewe Farm is Growing!

After a year of working on this project, Ramblin’ Vewe Farm has finally entered into a Purchase and Sales Agreement for the 43-acre parcel of land abutting Ramblin’ Vewe Farm to the southeast (see map below).

This land was owned by Dr. Leo and Polly Sanfaçon and over the years they generously allowed Ramblin’ Vewe Farm to make and use trails on their property. To date, there have been approximately three miles of trails constructed and which are being maintained by Ramblin’ Vewe Farm. These trails are used for walking, x-c skiing and mountain biking. 

The Challenge

The purchase price for this 43-acre property is $240,000. The Town of Gilford acting, through the Conservation Commission, has agreed to contribute $120,000 from its Conservation Land Fund. Ramblin’ Vewe Farm is conducting a fundraising campaign for the remaining $120,000. Ramblin’ Vewe Farm will contribute up to $55,000 and hopes to raise at least $65,000 of its share of the purchase price through both donations and grants.

The Board of Ramblin’ Vewe Farm and the Gilford Conservation Commission believe this is an ideal piece of land to conserve.

Conservation of this property

increases the area of Ramblin’ Vewe Farm to about 335 contiguous acres of conserved land, all for the enjoyment of Gilford and nearby communities.

It adds another approximately three miles

to the Ramblin’ Vewe Farm trail system bringing the total RVFT trails to about 13 miles.

It saves 43 acres

of prime real estate from development.

It conserves about 1/3 mile

of unbroken woodland frontage along the north side of Route 11A only one mile from Gilford center, maintaining the rural character approaching the village.

100% match for any donation

To provide an incentive for potential donors, an anonymous donor has stepped forward and offered a 100% match for any donation from individuals up to a total of $50,000; a donation of $100 will add $200; a $1000 donation will add $2000, etc.

We hope you will consider helping us with his project.

There will be commemorative opportunities for significant donations.

You can donate by clicking the button below or visit our Facebook page and donate though “Go Fund Me”.