Commemorative Opportunities

We invite you to add your name to the list of generous donors who have sponsored a trail or adopted an acre at Ramblin’ Vewe Farm. The donation goes entirely to help maintain the flock of sheep and the beautiful pastures that we all love to see. No funds are used for trail construction or maintenance, as this is all provided by volunteers. For more information, contact Rick Andrews (603.387.0323), Steve Carrier (603.455.1895), Sandy McGonagle (603.393.7570), or Weldon Bosworth (603.524.1822).

Sponsor a Carriage Road Trail: Your donation will significantly help ensure the preservation of Ramblin’ Vewe Farm.  Sponsorship of each trail in perpetuity is $10,000. Three trails already have sponsors, Bank of NH, Dick & Betty Persons, and Douglas & Angela Stone, and we are looking for sponsors for the other five trails.

Sponsor a Woods Path/Bike Trail: For mountain bikers, runners, walkers and x-c skiers who like to use our purpose-built single-track trails, here is an opportunity to give back and have a trail sponsored by you personally, a group of individuals, or your organization. The sponsorship fee is $5,000.  

Adopt an Acre: Have your family or your company’s name associated with the support of an acre of Ramblin’ Vewe Farm. The adoption fee is $1,000 per acre and your family or your company’s name will be displayed prominently on a separate map on the property. If you would like, you can spread the adoption fee over four years.

See below for adopted acres map and list of donors to see
which acres have already been adopted.

(This map is a large file and may take a few moments to load)


—Ramblin’ Vewe Farm is a 501(c)(3) organization so your contribution is tax deductible—