Ramblin’ Vewe Farm Trustees – 2021

Ramblin’ Vewe Farm
Board of Trustees for 2021

The goal of Ramblin’ Vewe Farm’s Board of Trustees is to make Ramblin’ Vewe Farm self-sustaining in perpetuity. Under current conditions, interest and dividends earned on our initial endowment is just barely enough to cover our operating shortfall.  As a result, the ability of RVFT to expand and develop programs is limited. With additional funding, Ramblin’ Vewe Farm could implement additional programs to benefit the Community.


Dick Persons, President, Family Trustee
Sandy McGonagle, Vice President, Independent Trustee
Bill Seed, Vice President, Independent Trustee
Weldon Bosworth, Treasurer, Independent Trustee
Steve Carrier, Secretary, Family Trustee
Rae Mello-Andrews, Independent Trustee
Sara Persons, Family Trustee
Kathy Salanitro, Family Trustee
Rick Andrews, Independent Trustee
Fredrick Findlay, New England Forestry Foundation Trustee