Ramblin’ Vewe Farm Volunteers

Thanks to Rick Gluyas of Gluyas Construction for donating his time and talents to construct our fabulous trail kiosks, and thanks to Mike Ware for managing the kiosk project and Mike and Sandi Ware for donating the materials!

Thanks to Gator Signs of Gilford for donating the large “Ramblin’ Vewe Farm” kiosk signs.

Thanks to Jeff Gerry for printing the hi-tech weather proof maps you see on the kiosks.

Thanks to Pike Industries, Lyman Construction, GMI, Nutter Construction and Kip Cormier Builders for donating their time and materials for improving the access roads amd parking lots at both entrances to Ramblin’ Farm Trails.

Thanks to MB Tractor for donation of equipment used for trail maintenance.

If you are interested in helping out on the  trails or at the farm, please fill out the following: